Testing for manufacturing validation

Our product portfolio covers all the possibilities related to testing electronic for the validation of any type of devices under test (DUT). In this sense, we can develop custom testers, integrate testers of the shelf and deliver a complete manual ATE equipment. With all this possibilities and depending on the customer requirements, ICT or EOL-Functional test can be implemented.
Project 1 - GRFID - Testing
Project 2 - GRFID - Testing
Lynx50 - GRFID - Testing
Automotive BCU - GRFID - Testing
Lynx10.000 - GRFID - Testing

Tools for the Development Phase

During the development of the electrical or electronic products, it is necessary to perform the validation of it. In this sense, Generation RFID develops and customizes any type of HW and SW necessary for this purpose.
EMC - GRFID - Testing
UT, IT, BBT - GRFID - Testing
Automatic Testing - GRFID
Robustness - GRFID - Testing
DLM - GRFID - Testing
Lynx50 - GRFID - Testing

Test Scheduller

Test Case Scheduler for EOL DUT verification is a high level software application which allows the user the easy implementation and definition of the multiple test cases that configure the DUT functional test.
Test Scheduler - GRFID


The need for high quality products and costs reduction in production environments make automated optical inspection into a key step in the quality assurance process.