Test equipment for standard electronic DUT: Lynx300.1pro

Lynx300.1pro tester

Lynx300.1pro is a microprocessor based test equipment core for the verification of electronic modules (Standard Electronic DUT), commonly known as Devices Under Test (DUT). Its high performance makes it very suitable for use at the manufacturing line as EOL tester. Moreover, it also can be used during the development phase of the product, for prototype verification and for system integration.

As it has remote control functionality, it can also be used as plant monitoring and control for immediate actions and decisions. It is specially designed to test Standard Electronic DUT with multiple inputs and outputs at a minimum time. It makes possible the verification of up to:

24 digital inputs.

16 analog inputs.

40 outputs with high precision analog voltage feedback.

On and sleep current measurements.

Pull-up or pull-down IO values.

CAN, Ethernet and USB control.

Lynx300.1pro can be expanded in case the DUT requires more GPIO pins, as it is built in 100 x 280 mm rack standard electronic card. For this reason, they can be set in parallel to enhance testing coverage.


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