Scheduler For EOL DUT verification

Test Case Scheduler

Test Case Scheduler for EOL DUT verification is a high level software application which allows the user the easy implementation and definition of the multiple test cases that configure the DUT functional test. The scheduler is necessary for any test project, and despite of being specially optimized for our Lynx platform, it is compatible with other products and equipments already in use with a minimal SW adaption. It is a very intuitive and easy to use test configurator tool, which assures that the test sequence is performed within the maximum test coverage at the minimum test time. The test sequence can be introduced manually or automatically from the electronic schematic, by the definition of specific test commands in the electronic BOM.

The application allows the user to verify the following electronic DUT parameters during the test:

Analog and digital inputs.

Pull-ups and pull-downs present in the input or output pins.

Output power devices at the nominal test current with very high precision.

Internal board IC, such as EEPROM, timers, limp-home circuits or inter-microcontroller communications.

Communication buses.

CAN, Ethernet and USB control.

The Test Case Scheduler for EOL DUT Verification is not delivered as a closed package. It can be adapted to the new needs that can arise in the future