Lynx10000 platform for high complexity electronic DUT

Lynx10000 is a functional test platform for high complexity electronic DUT specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the electronics manufacturers. It is developed following a modular concept, which will allow the end user to adapt the equipment at their specific needs by configuring the number of electronic boards to use.

Lynx10000 is delivered in a 3U standard rack format, so that it fits most of the test cabinets in the manufacturer industry.

Lynx10000 connectivity with the external Device Under Test (DUT) can be adapted to the customer specifications. This allows the testing of all DUT digital and analog inputs, signal and power outputs and pass-throughs.

Lynx10000 is controlled by CAN bus, a broadly used communication protocol in the automotive industry. This way, it is easy to integrate into the standard test racks.

The fields of application for this test equipment are:






Industrial equipment.

Lynx10000 platform for high complexity electronic DUTs

LED Tester: Automotive LED tester app

Due to the modularity of this product, it has been possible to build a reliable tester for automotive LEDS. Based on the Lynx10.000 format and with the addition of a CAN controlled current power source, a multiplexed current tester for LED verification is achieved. This product allows the test up to 16 DUTs. Other features of the solution are the measurement of the light intensity and colorimetry with FEASA led analysers.


HA4: High accuracy 4-wire tester

Lynx10.000 is also appropriated when high accuracy 4-wire measurements are required. The HA4 tester has the possibility to verify up to 18 channels of low resistance values, in the order of few milliohms at the minimum test time.