Turnkey power electronics product development for industrial usages

Power electronics development is a branch of the electronic design that requires very high know-how. Experience is a must when the best product must be created in order to beat the current competitors in the market. For this reason, our designs incorporate all our experience and expertise in the following fields:

Product architecture decision, in order to achieve high power balance and performance.

Thermal design considerations.

Harmonic distortion.

Inductive component design and prototyping, such as transformers and coils, with considerations of the magnetic core and the cable type.

PCB design for high current and voltages.

Component selection based on IGBT, SiC and P-Mos.

Microcontrolled based products for higher performance, functionality and protection levels.

Mono-phase or tri-phase power input possibilities.

All this experience has led to the development of the following power electronic products ready for commercialization:

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PC6 Battery charger: 6KW, 3-phase battery charger for Pb and NiCd batteries. The charging profiles can rise up to 50A and 120V. Other features are double output and Ethernet or CAN communication interface.[/span6][span6][columns] [span6]

Power electronics product development: PC6-Battery-charger



EL20 electronic load: 20KW DC electronic load for battery testing. This product has been developed following a modular concept that allows the end user to expand the operating load up to 500A, making it very suitable for the verification of high capacity stationary batteries.


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Power electronics product development: Power Electronics: EL20-electronic-load[/span6][/columns][columns] [span6]


IN3600 power inverter: Up to 3600W power inverter for reverting the excess or unused power of stationary batteries or PV panels into the mains.[/span6][span6]Power electronics product development: Power Electronics: IN3600-power-inverter



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