Lynx100 is a low cost, high performance functional test core for end of line DUT testing. It is the most simple tester core of the Lynx tester family, that also includes the Lynx50 (for in-circuit), the Lynx300.1 (for complex microprocessor based DUT) and the Lynx Tester as a test sequencer software.

Hardware characteristics

• Two operating voltage range versions factory selected:

 +12Vdc (Lynx100.12)  +24Vdc (Lynx100.24)

• DUT sleep current measurement for low power operating mode supervision up to 5mA.
• Electronic controlled fuse for over-current protection.
• 14 relay configurable outputs with analogue voltage feedback sensing. These lines are used to activate the DUT inputs with any of the following values: +Vbatt, GND or high impedance (open circuit).
• 4 optoisolated digital inputs for test process control.
• 2 analogue inputs for voltage sensing.
• USB communication control bus.
• Power output protection circuit against short circuits to +Vbatt.
• Easy connection system.
• Dimensions: 200 x 90 mm.

Software features

For an easy and quick integration of the Lynx100 tester into the end user manufacturing line, the product comes with a software library and the controlling protocol, ASCII based.



Lynx100 is a good choice for the functional testing of low input/output DUT circuits for any of the markets listed below:
Automotive Industrial Telecommunications Medical devices PLC emulation Automation Control for visual inspection systems


Lynx100 is a tester core that can be easily integrated in current EOL testers to guarantee the manufactured DUT product quality before delivery to the end user. It is the most appropriated tester for low complexity DUT devices.

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