Automotive LED Lights


LED based illumination is nowadays common in the new automobiles as lighting technology. In this sense, it is absolutely necessary to guarantee the manufacturing quality for both the LED and the electronics before mounting it into the end user vehicle. Generation RFID provides the technology that assures the quality of the assembly.

Led Tester


Main features of the tester:

  • Current power supply for LED activation, digitally controlled by the test equipment PC.
  • LED current monitoring when active.
  • 9U, 19” rack format.
  • External connectivity with 50 pin Han DD female connector type.
  • H-Bridge activation control up to 32 independent devices under test (DUT).
  • LED illumination characterization (X, Y, Z pattern, intensity and colour).
  • Bed of nails (BON) for an automatic high speed, high reliability contact with the DUT.
  • Option for external DMM control for measuring ICT elements, such as thermal resistors or PCB ground continuity with the heat sink.

LED test software features

For an easy and quick integration of the LED tester into the end user manufacturing line, the product comes with a software library and the controlling protocol, ASCII based.



LED tester performs a good ratio between cost, time to market and performance for the validation of the LEDs characteristics in any of the high volume markets below:
• Automotive lighting loads.
• Industrial light indicators.
• Medical devices.


With LED deployment increase in many markets, the testing requirements have evolved towards more precision, reliability and time. In this line, Generation RFID offers a turn-key state of the art test equipment that guarantees the quality of the LEDs assembled in the manufacturing line.