Turn-key embedded software

We work closely with the customers in the development and validation of Firmware for many sectors. In this sense, we bring our know-how and our experience into our projects, so that we can deliver together with the product all the intangible aspects that any excellent work should have: quality, reliability, cost and time to market.

We have experience with the following microcontrollers:

NXP (ARM Cortex M3, M0).
Microchip (PIC24, PIC32).
Atmel (ARM9, AVR).
Freescale (PowerPC, HC08, Bolero).

Our SW development process considers all the essential points to guarantee the quality of the development. For this reason, we incorporate principles, such as ISO26262, Autosar, Autotesters and Validation.

In this sense, we pay special attention to the most critical points before starting and during each project, in order to minimize the project risk. Points as specification, component selection and final validation are accurately defined, in order to minimize the design errors and reduce costs and delivery terms.

We work in very close cooperation with the customer for two main reasons:

To verify that the developed work fulfills specifications and timings.
To implement in the shortest time any new feature or modification in the product issued by the customer.

Some examples of embedded software development projects in regards of the end user are:


We apply in our developments the Autosar automotive standards. Our company has been chosen by TEAR 1 companies for the development and validation of embedded software. Due to this, our work is present in many automotive brands, as per the list below:

Light Module, including high power LED control and stepper motor for mechanical position and movement.
EOL test analysis, sequence and implementation for a high volume manufacturer.
3 CAN-bus based firmware upgrade at the manufacturing plant for a high volume manufacturer.
Several developments based on top line – state of the art Freescale microcontrollers.
Low level drivers for LIN, CAN, SPI, stepper controllers for light modules, Smart Fets and other used IC components within this sector.
Validation process, involving unit, integration and black box testing.
Software application download for serial mass production.
Customized functional tester for high volume / high complexity electronic modules.


Other important markets for Generation RFID are the energy management, database remote access and industrial controls. Our experience covers the following fields:

Battery cell analog voltage monitoring.
Linux based application for battery regeneration, including controls for the charging, discharging process and sequencer.
Multi-Range power inverter for PV energy AC mains injection.
Measurement and Wi-Fi transmission of the mains electric data in the energy efficiency field: i.e. frequency, current, voltage, power, performance and losses.
Local web server integration in all developments.
Firmware to communicate several rooms in Hospitals via Modbus.
Firmware to control a top sales temperature recorder with external memory and printer control. FAT32 files arrangement.


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