Custom Embedded SW

μc Experience - GRFID - Custom
Project 1 - Custom
Project 2- Custom
Project 3 - Custom
Project 4 - Custom
Project 5 - Custom

Power Electronics

PC6 Battery Charger - GRFID
Digital Controls - GRFID
EL20 Electronic Load - GRFID

Communication Modules

The complexity of the electronic products has led to the introduction of sophisticated communication buses and protocols. In this case, some of the DUT manufactured today use a specific software for its auto-test at the EOL. For this reason, the test of the communication lines is more necessary than ever.

On the other hand, current microcontrollers are bigger in regards of the memory requirements turning the time for reflashing the application in the manufacturing plant into a clear bottle-neck of the system. This is the main reason that has brought Generation RFID to develop a specific process and hardware to minimize the software reflashing time.

Multiple electronic products can be integrated in our solution, used as communication modules basis. Some examples are:

CAN - GRFID - Custom
Lin - GRFID - Custom
Ethernet - GRFID - Custom
BroadReach - GRFID - Custom
USB - GRFID - Custom
Bluetooth - GRFID - Custom
Wifi - GRFID - Custom
Light Adaptors - GRFID - Custom
RFID - GRFID - Custom
LoRa - GRFID - Custom
FlexRay - GRFID - Custom

Custom Analog and digital electronics

Analog and Digital Electronics - GRFID - Custom