DUT testers with customized solutions

Though multiple standard testing solutions for functional end of line DUT testing are available on the market, some DUT products require specific test equipment that needs to be customized in order to meet the test requirements criteria, which use to be:

Minimum Test time.
Maximum Test coverage.
High Modularity.
Low Cost.

Generation RFID has worked together with many customers in the development and manufacturing of custom EOL testers. Depending on the necessities of each device under test, our know-how in hardware and software has led to the development of specific electronic products, such as generic input – output test boards or communication modules. With such solutions, the tester becomes cheaper and faster than current standard testing solutions.

Other features are the easy integration into existing or standard test equipments and the maintenance reduction.

All these aspects make our Custom EOL Testers the most appropriate choice when quality assurance is a must for high volume productions in markets such as automotive or industrial.


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