Manufacturing of high reliability RFID and Industrial cables

In spite of being one of the most important parts of an electrical system, many companies do not give them the importance they deserve during the manufacturing process. Therefore, problems arise over time, causing errors in the system functionality.

Our manufactured cables are built following a process which guarantees 0 errors in the field. During this process, many issues are taken into consideration such as cable quality, pin selection, crimp and soldered unions and final assembly.

Moreover, we can deliver in 24h depending on the cable type and quantity.

Our cables cover the following markets: RF-RFID and Industrial.

RF / RFID Complex Cables

Depending on the application and the required performance, many decisions on the cable type have to be taken, such as the total attenuation, cable flexibility and diameter. Let us know which are the characteristics of the cable you need and we will build the most appropriated part for your needs.


[columns] [span4]NComplex cables Connector: RFID_N





[/span4][span4]TNCRComplex cables Connector: TNCR





We have specialized in the manufacturing of cables for low series, which are based on pins and terminals from ODU, Virginia panel, Tyco, Harting and Deutsch, among all the possible suppliers in the market.

[span4] Complex cables Connector: ODU


For applications that require a connector with a high degree of performance, high density and multiple terminal types to cover different current values. [/span4][span4] Complex cables Connector: Tyco


The series for crimped automotive used for many of the nowadays auto makers gives the required reliability to connect with current electrical and electronic smart junction boxes


Complex cables Connector:  Harting


Standard for testing products, with connector series such as Han108DD. Good ratio cost-reliability.



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